Yay For Girlfriends!!!!

Today is National Girlfriends Day!!! Most of us don't need a day to celebrate our BFF's BUT you can never show the LOVE enough!!!

Send them a sweet lil quote!

Send her cookies from a company started by a DFW sister! 

Wine! I don't drink wine but I notice a HUGE sparkle in my friend's eyes when you say that word! Leave a bottle on her porch, ring the doorbell and wait for her to invite you inside for a sip or 2!!!'

Send a Facebook invite to all your friends and ask them to choose an outfit they don't wear anymore and make a big BFF donations to Attitudes and Attire. Your beautiful friendship can help other sisters get back on their feet. (then celebrate with dinner!) There are lots of other organizations around DFW where y'all can donate!

How are YOU celebrating your BFF's today???

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