EBuzz Bites: “TRL” Is Back + An Oscar For “Wonder Woman?”



Warner Brothers execs are considering a campaign to get “Wonder Woman” a Best Picture Oscar . . . plus Best Director honors for PATTY JENKINS.  (Full Story)

 MTV is bringing back “TRL” . . . and they’re changing the name of the “VMA” Moonman to the gender-neutral “Moon PERSON”.  (Full Story)

Whether you liked it or not, you watched it.  “Phelps vs. Shark” is the Discovery Channel’s highest-rated Shark Week show ever.  (Full Story)

This could be the biggest scandal in television history:  MILLIE BOBBY BROWN from “Stranger Things” isn’t that into Eggos.  (Full Story)

It sounds like PAUL MCCARTNEY might have something to say about PRESIDENT TRUMP on his next album.  (Full Story)

DRAKE BELL regrets those Tweets about not being invited to JOSH PECK’s wedding.  (Full Story)

 SHAQ is rapping again.  He dropped a dis track on LAVAR BALL.  (Full Story)

BRITTANY DANIEL from “Sweet Valley High” got married.  (Full Story)

IMAX is going to cut down on 3D movies.  (Full Story)


A graphic designer for the NBA took old-school ballers and gave them modern hairstyles.

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