Superman’s Mustache Had to be Digitally Removed for “Justice League” Reshoo

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Warner Brothers and DC have their entire superhero universe riding on the success of “Justice League,” so they’re doing everything they can to make sure it comes out right.

That includes another $25 million in reshoots.

There’s just one problem:  Superman came back to the set with a MUSTACHE.  Henry Cavill was filming the sixth “Mission: Impossible” movie when they called him back for the reshoots, and he had to grow a ‘stache for that one.

Cavill had to go back and forth between the two movies, but the producers of “Mission: Impossible” refused to let him shave.  So the “Justice League” effects artists have to remove it DIGITALLY.

As for the reshoots, sources say they’re “punching up” the dialog, but no one would be be surprised if they added a bunch more Wonder Woman after seeing what a HIT she was on her own.

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