EBuzz Bites: Kevin Hart Responds To Cheating Rumors + More




KEVIN HART says the cheating rumors are “absolutely not true.”  (Full Story)

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT and his wife welcomed their second child.  (Full Story)

BRYAN CRANSTON is glad his fame came later in life, because he was mature enough to handle it.  (Full Story)

Did JOHNNY DEPP’s unnecessary purchases include a $7,000 couch from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” for his daughter?  (Full Story)

Who knew CELINE DION was going to become the fiercest fashion icon of 2017?

WILL SMITH plays a cop in a world full of fairies and orcs in a Netflix movie called “Bright.” Warning: This trailer contains profanity.

SHAQ is taking light-up shoes to a whole new level.

 AMY SCHUMER, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, and “Saturday Night Live” stars VANESSA BAYER and AIDY BRYANT did a charity gig at a comedy club to benefit victims of sexual assault.

Netflix set up a shrine to Barb from “Stranger Things” at Comic-Con.

There’s a petition to have R. KELLY’s record label drop him.  (Full Story)

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