EBuzz Bites From Ben Affleck, R. Kelly + “Hocus Pocus” Be Remade With These


BEN AFFLECK has reportedly dropped out of a Netflix movie he was going to do in order to, “focus on his wellness and his family.”  Is it because he wants to have a baby with his new girlfriend?  Probably not.

A woman who used to be in R. KELLY’s inner circle is corroborating that story about his “cult”.  (Full Story)

LAMAR ODOM is writing a tell-all book about his life.  (Full Story)

67-year-old STEVIE WONDER married his 42-year-old girlfriend.  (Full Story)

Is JAMIE FOXX going to rent out Disneyland to butter up KATIE HOLMES, after she caught him flirting with another woman?  (Full Story)

Should “Hocus Pocus” be remade starring the cast of “Hidden Figures”?  (Full Story)

LEA MICHELE has a new boyfriend.  (Full Story)

JAMES MCAVOY’s brother was sentenced to nine months in prison for abducting and beating a man over an unpaid drug debt.  (Full Story)

JOHN BOYEGA from “Star Wars” called out “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” for their lack of diversity.  (Full Story)

“Hawaii Five-0” added some new, non-white actors to replace the two Asian cast members who left because they weren’t getting equal pay.  (Full Story)

MTV is already rebooting “Teen Wolf” . . . even though the show hasn’t been canceled yet.  (Full Story)

FOREST WHITAKER is joining the cast of “Empire”.  (Full Story)

 LANA DEL REY must write a LOT of songs about getting high . . . because “Billboard” made a list of just the 16 BEST ones.  Meanwhile, Lana’s new album has leaked, and she’s not happy.

“Despacito” has already become the most-streamed song of all time.  (Full Story)

A “Saturday Night Live” writer responds to PRESIDENT TRUMP’s Tweets as if they’re personal texts.  (Full Story)

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