Nicole Kidman’s “Secret Skill” is That She Can Eat All Kinds of Bugs

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Many of us have a hidden talent.  Maybe you can sing better than you let on, or you have mad skateboarding skills, or you can do that thing where you make stacks of coins on your elbow, then whip your arm down and catch them before they hit the ground.

Well, Nicole Kidman has a hidden talent, and it’s WAY cooler than yours:  She can EAT BUGS.  And it goes AT LEAST back to when she was 14, and had to eat grubs for his first role in a movie called “Bush Christmas.”

She told “W” magazine, “I wanted to eat them!  I was excited to do that.  I’m one of those people.  I could go on ‘Survivor’ and I wouldn’t be good at the climbing and all of the physical stuff, but I could eat anything.

“That’s my secret skill.  Give me a cockroach, I’ll eat it!  Spider, I’ll eat it!  You name it, I’ve tried it.  I’m adventurous.”

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