EBuzz Bites: Niall Horan Is Not Hitting On Katy Perry + Stories From Britne

One Love Manchester Benefit Concert


    With all this talk about whether or not BRITNEY SPEARS sings live, Billboard.com collected several videos where she DOES.  (Full Story)

NIALL HORAN would like you to know that he’s NOT trying to hit on KATY PERRY, no matter what she says.  (Full Story)

NICK CARTER says he chose THE BACKSTREET BOYS over the “Mickey Mouse Club.”  (Full Story)

LADY GAGA is doing another “dive bar” tour.  (Full Story)

KANYE WEST is reportedly planning to tour again next year, after cutting his tour short last year following some “erratic” episodes.  (Full Story)

CHRIS PRATT took his son fishing . . . for barracuda.

Watch DJ KHALED’s son meet JUSTIN BIEBER and immediately start crying. Meanwhile, Justin posted a throwback pic of himself yesterday with EMINEM.

Soccer star CRISTIANO RONALDO posted a picture of himself with his new twins.  (Full Story)

GILLIAN ANDERSON isn’t happy that there are no women writing the new season of “The X-Files” and that in the show’s entire history, only two episodes have been directed by women.  (Full Story)

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s show “World of Dance” has been renewed for a second season.  (Full Story)

MIRANDA COSGROVE doesn’t want to wade into the “Drake & Josh” feud.  (Full Story)

 JOHNNY GALECKI posted a picture of himself thanking the firefighters who responded to that fire in San Luis Obispo.  You have to give him credit . . . he’s taking the destruction of his vacation home extremely well.

 A music coordinator for an L.A. radio station “came across” some ANNIE LENNOX music online, and assumed she was a NEW ARTIST.  So she contacted Annie, and suggested she send them an MP3 of her latest single.  (Full Story)

 HAYLEY WILLIAMS briefly quit PARAMORE in 2015 due to depression.  (Full Story)

MILLIE BOBBY BROWN from “Stranger Things” and PARIS JACKSON appear in I Dare You, the new video from THE XX.

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