EBuzz Bites: Bey & Jay Found A House, John Mayer On Katy Perry + More

2016 NBA Finals - Game Six



FINALLY. JAY-Z and BEYONCÉ have found a home.  (Full Story)

On “Watch What Happens Live”, SCOTT WOLF said that JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was the “Party of Five” cast member who hooked up with fans the most.  (Full Story)

In a new “Rolling Stone” interview, JOHN MAYER talks about replacing alcohol with pot, his guitar face, and being KATY PERRY’s best lover.  (Full Story)

JASON STATHAM and ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY welcomed their first child.  (Full Story)

LAMAR ODOM says he wouldn’t get back together with KHLOE KARDASHIAN, because being apart is what’s best for both of them.  (Full Story)

Check out HARRISON FORD trying to get through airport security.  (Full Story)

Just about EVERY actress wanted to be in “Thelma & Louise.”  Ironically, one of the few who DIDN’T reach out for a part was SUSAN SARANDON.  (Full Story)

An R2D2 that was used in some of the “Star Wars” movies sold for $2.76 million.  (Full Story)

DADDY YANKEE sang “Despacito” with a young cancer patient.  (Full Story)

Out of all his nicknames, which one does SEAN COMBS prefer?  PUFF DADDY.  (Full Story)

JOSH BROLIN teased his transformation into Cable for “Deadpool 2.”

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