Is Selena Gomez Going Country?


This is almost an unfair tease, but, well, here it is.  Country singer Thomas Rhett has confirmed that Selena Gomez recorded one of his songs…but he has no idea when it’s going to be released.

He also didn’t name the song but you have to think it’s something new. He confirmed it last week in an interview with

“A lot of things need to go correct for it to work out.  But yes, Selena did sing a song of mine.  It’s still sort of up in the air if it’s going to actually make the record.”  The record he’s referring to is his next album, which is due out in September.

Here’s another twist to the story.  They’ve never met. “I’ve only been able to talk to her over the phone but I was blown away [by] how super nice and respectful she was.  I was terrified to talk to her, especially about the song.”

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