EBuzz Bites: Halsey Calls Out Iggy + Stories From Fifth Harmony, Heidi Klum


HALSEY says IGGY AZALEA is “[an effing] moron” who has “a complete disregard for black culture.”  (Full Story)

The Internet’s latest fascination appears to be STEVE CARELL, and how sexy he suddenly is.

“Fast and Furious” co-stars VIN DIESEL and GAL GADOT brought their kids together for a playdate.  Or a sleepdate, maybe.

REESE WITHERSPOON:  Hero to millions.  Including LEBRON JAMES.

JENNIFER LOPEZ is denying she Photoshopped these abs.

Even though FIFTH HARMONY only has four members now, they’re not changing their name.  (Full Story)

DR. LUKE settled his defamation lawsuit against KESHA’s mom.  (Full Story)

DRAKE dropped a new track called “Signs” over the weekend.  (Full Story)

KEITH URBAN and NICOLE KIDMAN are celebrating their 11th anniversary.

HEIDI KLUM’s boyfriend got caught kissing another woman, but he claims he was just “saying goodnight to a family friend.”  (Full Story)

BILL COSBY’s spokeswoman says his upcoming town hall meetings are NOT about sexual assault . . . they’re about, “restoration of legacy.”  (Full Story)

JENNIFER LAWRENCE’s $25,000 scarf necklace is something you could make for about $1.49.

A “Jane Doe” is suing CHARLIE SHEEN for allegedly exposing her to HIV.  (Full Story)

A gun and some ammo were stolen from EMILIO ESTEVEZ’s car.  (Full Story)

Jar Jar Binks wants a part in the new Han Solo movie. This video contains UNCENSORED profanity.)

“Bachelor in Paradise” producers are cracking down on illegal drugs.  (Full Story)

ERIN ANDREWS and former NHL star JARRET STOLL got married.  (Full Story)

On a Russian talk show, STEPHEN COLBERT announced his candidacy for 2020.  He was joking, of course.  We think.  (Full Story)

Netflix has canceled “Girlboss” after one season.  (Full Story)

PETER DINKLAGE plays “Fantasy Island” superstar HERVE VILLECHAIZE in the upcoming HBO movie “My Dinner with Herve”.  Here’s a pic.

STEVIE NICKS recorded a cool new version of “Gypsy” for the new Netflix series of the same name.  (Full Story)

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