EBuzz Bites From Zayn Malik, Kim Kardashian West + The New Game Of Thrones

Universal Pictures And Legendary Pictures' Premiere Of "Straight Outta Compton" - Arrivals


KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST are reportedly trying for another child, but with a surrogate.  (Full Story)

MARY LOUISE PARKER’s nanny was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from her.  (Full Story)

ZAYN MALIK says he’s been profiled by airport security.  (Full Story)

CHRIS CORNELL will be on the new JOHNNY CASH album.  It’s called “Forever Words: The Unknown Poems: The Music” . . . and it features other artists making songs out of poems Johnny wrote over the years.  (Full Story)

ED SHEERAN’s tour rider includes honey, an orange fruit drink, and four different types of soda.  (Full Story)

STEPHEN HAWKING wants more space exploration, because he thinks humans will ultimately have to leave the Earth.  (Full Story)

Check out a new preview for Season 7 of “Game of Thrones.”

 AMY POEHLER joined SETH MEYERS on “Late Night,” for one of those “Really!?!” segments they used to do on “Saturday Night Live.”

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