EBuzz Bites: Lorde Apologizes + More From Katy Perry, Taylor Swift And Demi



LORDE has apologized for saying that hanging out with TAYLOR SWIFT is like “having a friend with an autoimmune disease.”  She meant that you can’t go places because of her fame, but she admitted it was an insensitive thing to say.  (Full Story)

Four of TAYLOR SWIFT’s albums found their way back to the Billboard album chart, after her catalog returned to all streaming platforms.   Speaking of Taylor, her and JOE ALWYN’s moms aren’t happy they’re dating.  (Full Story)

KATY PERRY co-wrote the song Passenger,” but it was ultimately offered to BRITNEY SPEARS, but two minutes’ worth of a demo version Katy recorded before giving it up has hit the web.  (Full Story)

The first round of “Teen Choice” nominees has been announced.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Emma Watson are up for multiple awards.  (Full Story)

Is “American Idol” trying to get LIONEL RICHIE as its second judge?  (Full Story)

DEMI LOVATO says that if she had her career to do over again, she wouldn’t start so young.  (Full Story)

“The Mummy” is on track to lose $95 million.  (Full Story)

Vice President MIKE PENCE once used the movie “Mulan” in an argument about how men and women shouldn’t serve together in the military.  (Full Story)

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