EBuzz Bites From Ryan Reynolds, Madonna And More

"Deadpool" Fan Event


The “2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards” happened last night.  (Full Story)

RYAN REYNOLDS can’t ever seem to be serious and the world is better because of it.  His Father’s Day post featured a picture of SEAN CONNERY from a weird 1974 sci-fi flick called “Zardoz.”


 JONAH HILL isn’t just losing weight…he’s hulking up.

The coroner says CARRIE FISHER’s death was due to several factors, including sleep apnea, heart disease, and drug use.  (Full Story)

At a Republican event, CAITLYN JENNER tried to make a joke about the shooting at the GOP baseball practice last week, saying, quote, “Fortunately, the guy was a really bad shot.  Liberals can’t even shoot straight.”  (Full Story)

KIM KARDASHIAN is now selling a fidget spinner on her website.  It’s shaped like a dollar sign and says “Daddy” on it, which is gross.  (Full Story)

For some reason, ROB SCHNEIDER blocked SETH ROGEN on Twitter.  After Seth said something about it, Rob unblocked him.  (Full Story)

At least MARK HAMILL has a sense of humor about his own death hoax.  (Full Story)

ALYSSA MILANO is suing her former business manager for $10 million, saying he led her into financial ruin.  (Full Story)

MARK WAHLBERG once got one-upped by his daughter’s boyfriend.  (Full Story)

WILLIAM SHATNER went to Sweden to try his hand at BUNNY HANDLING, for his reality show “Better Late than Never.”  His co-stars Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw gave it a shot, too.

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