EBuzz Bites: Katy Perry’s Ex Hits Back, Bieber Gets Stuff Thrown At Him + M



 THE WEEKND just released some fall tour dates with GUCCI MANE and NAV.  He’s calling it the Legend of the Fall Tour, and it kicks off September 6th in State College, Pennsylvania . . . and wraps up November 2nd in Chicago.  (Billboard)

DIPLO hit back after his ex-girlfriend KATY PERRY rated him third in the bedroom behind JOHN MAYER and ORLANDO BLOOM.  (Full Story)

During a show in Stockholm, someone threw a water bottle at JUSTIN BIEBER because he couldn’t do “Despacito.”  He doesn’t speak Spanish, so he doesn’t actually know it.  (Full Story)

It turns out JENNIFER LAWRENCE’s plane did have ONE engine working when it made its emergency landing.  (Full Story)

A 12-year-old who fashioned a tourniquet when her friend suffered a serious gash on her leg said she learned how to do it from reading “The Hunger Games”.  (Full Story)

TAYLOR SWIFT’s new boyfriend just scored a pretty decent movie gig.  (Full Story)

A kindergarten teacher sent “Wonder Woman” director PATTY JENKINS a list of awesome ways the movie affected her students.  (Full Story)

I think we’ve heard this twice before:  The new “Spider-Man” movie is set to kick off a trilogy.  (Full Story)

Check out the trailer for “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.”  It’ll run in theaters this November with Pixar’s new movie “Coco.”

JOHN LITHGOW was TIM BURTON’s first choice to play the Joker in his “Batman” movie, but he turned it down.  He still regrets it.  (Full Story)

MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER has become a dad for the first time at 46.  (Full Story)

PRESIDENT TRUMP Twitter-blocked a veterans’ group and STEPHEN KING.  (Full Story)

JESSICA CHASTAIN is upset that helicopters violated a no-fly zone and took pictures of her wedding.  (Full Story)

MEGYN KELLY was supposed to host an event in Washington, D.C. for an anti-gun organization founded by parents of the Sandy Hook victims.  But they dumped her because she interviewed right-wing A-HOLE Alex Jones.  Jones has said Sandy Hook was a HOAX perpetrated by ACTORS.  (Full Story)

KATE MCKINNON danced her way onto the set of “Live! with Kelly and Ryan” yesterday.

27-year-old Kari Lewis from Indianapolis looks a lot like EMMA WATSON.  Although in some shots, she looks a little like a CARICATURE of Emma.  Either way, it’s impossible not to see the similarities.

CHANNING TATUM’s wife JENNA DEWAN can even dance when she’s getting her makeup done.

You would think everyone in the WORLD knows that TOM FELTON played Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” movies, but apparently he can go unnoticed playing a guitar on the streets of Prague.

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