EBuzz Bites: Lindsay Lohan’s Got A Gig, Why Selena’s Open About Her Boyfriend + More

"Speed The Plow" - Photocall



SELENA GOMEZ says she’s open about her relationship with THE WEEKND because it’s “too much pressure” to hide it.  (Full Story)

LINDSAY LOHAN has snagged her first acting gig in a while.  She’ll be on the second season of a British show called “Sick Note, starring RUPERT GRINT of “Harry Potter” fame and DON JOHNSON.  (Full Story)

Check out some of the badass women who played GAL GADOT’s fellow Amazons in “Wonder Woman.

AMY SCHUMER was spotted with some guy who might be that new boyfriend she mentioned recently.

Does ANYBODY look more badass than JASON MOMOA? Check out some pics here, but BE WARNED!  There’s an F-bomb in the rock climbing video.

CAMERON DIAZ says she hasn’t made a movie in several years because she had to step away and, “make myself whole.”  (Full Story)

SERENA WILLIAMS is pregnant AND patriotic.

A “Harry Potter” fan and a NASA engineer want to build a pub like the Leaky Cauldron from the books…complete with “magical” elements like floating candles and glasses that fill from the bottom up.  (Full Story)

OPRAH can’t remember the last time she met someone who didn’t know who she was.  (Full Story)

This isn’t exactly a shocker, but the “Whaboom Guy” says he went on “The Bachelorette” mostly to be on TV.  (Full Story)

Music Extras:

1.  PAUL MCCARTNEY once accidentally punched EDDIE VEDDER in the face at a Seattle bar.  (Full Story)

2.  “Despacito” is #1 on the Hot 100 again, which helped JUSTIN BIEBER break a record previously held by the BEATLES.  (Full Story)

3.  NICKELBACK released their new video, Song on Fire.

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