EBuzz Bites From Lorde, Lindsay Lohan + More



JON HAMM was spotted flirting with KATE BECKINSALE.  (Full Story)

Here’s a bunch of celebrities and politicians reacting to PRESIDENT TRUMP pulling out of the Paris climate accord.  (Full Story)

Here are five celebrities whose names you’re probably pronouncing wrong.  (Full Story)

LINDSAY LOHAN is launching her own jewelry line.  (Full Story)

LORDE released a new song called “Perfect Places.”  Here’s the song.

“Wonder Woman” is on track to make at least $95 million this weekend.  (Full Story)

MEGYN KELLY accidentally shaded HODA KOTB on the “Today” show while hyping her upcoming interview with VLADIMIR PUTIN.  (Full Story)

HBO has landed JULIA ROBERTS’ limited series, “Today Will Be Different.”  (Full Story)

GREGG ALLMAN’s producer says he was finalizing his solo album right up until the day he died.  It’s called “Southern Blood” and it’s coming out in September.  (Full Story)

The FOO FIGHTERS are old men in their new video, “Run.”  (Full Story)

Here’s the first trailer for “Murder on the Orient Express.”

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